About us

The MULTIC company presents itself as an innovative and multidisciplinary company. Its focus is divided into two distinct areas that interact during the development of the various projects.

We are specialized in the development of digital platforms for communication and information management and, in addition, in the design of spaces for the communication of digitally based content, using new interactivity technologies and audiovisual systems.

We help our Clients to visualize the future, to increase their notoriety and to get involved with their audience without spending any effort or time, which are extremely valuable resources today.

MULTIC is headquartered at NONAGON - São Miguel Science and Technology Park with all the advantages inherent to its proximity to companies in the technological sector and strategic and specialized partners in different areas.

The good relationship we build with each client and our wide range of services provide us with one of the top companies in the area, with the advantage of offering total solutions of high quality.